The Empty Vessel Meditation

I have been teaching this technique in my one to one yoga sessions and classes this week ...

We can often feel that we have no control over our feelings, as often times we get caught up in and start react form a place of anxiety, fear and low mood.

But, with practise, and determination we can control how we react and how we feel.

I believe that we ARE in control of our emotional states and that if we wish to create the life we truly desire then we must take responsibility for them.

When I feel or become out of balance, which does trip me up occasionally, I try to catch myself quickly, then decide what state I wish to embody and practise the following method it helps!

Give it a try and let me know how you get on.

Try this:

Sit in a comfortable position (you can sit on a chair), spine erect, eyes closed.

Notice how you feel, witness clearly your emotional state ... do not focus on WHY, just what those feelings are ... If these feelings are negative and harmful (to your state of mind, and those around you), then acknowledge that.

Witness your body's reaction to these emotions, tightening of the jaw, shoulders tight, breathing short and shallow, etc.

Now focus on your breath.....the gentle rise and fall of the inhale and exhale ...

Keep your spine long and steady ...

Now, as you next exhale, think of yourself as emptying out, each exhale EMPTY ... pour out the emotion, any anger, hate, worry, fear, anxiety, sadness ...

With each exhalation EMPTY. Empty. Empty ... feel your jaw soften, your shoulders relax ... your breath soften ...

Say to yourself "I am an empty vessel" ...

Stay with this for a few minutes

Now you choose which emotion you would like to feel whether it be peace …contentment … calm ... love ... happiness …

As you inhale, say to yourself "I breathe in peace", and begin to fill up your vessel with your chosen emotion ...

I inhale peace, I exhale peace ...

Notice how this translates throughout your physical body ... observe the effects of choosing and breathing it it in.

How does your body feel now? How is your breathing? How is your thinking?

Continue for a few minutes ...

Then take three deep breaths.

Bring your hands together at your heart, in Anjali mudra, bow your head for a moment ... then open your eyes, and carry on with your day!

We really can chose how we feel ... It just takes practice.

Love All ways,

Charlotte xx

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