Simple Relaxation Practice for Stress Relief

Quick Coherence technique - created by HeartMath Institute

This simple yet effective practice helps you to create a coherent state, offering access to your hearts intelligence and is a fantastic practice for stress reduction.

You will benefit by:

  • Immediate reduction of stress

  • By becoming more positive, focused, calm and energised

  • Gain direct access to creativity, intuition and higher -level decision making.

  • 1. the quality of being logical and consistent: “this raises further questions on the coherence of state policy”

  • 2. the quality of forming a unified whole: “the group began to lose coherence and the artists took separate directions”

Heart Focused Breathing

Step 1.

Focus on your breath, breathing naturally and normally with your eyes closed.

Step 2.

Bring your focus to the centre of your chest where your heart resides, now imagine that your breath is coming in and out of your heart, with longer deeper breaths.

Stay in this feeling for a few moments.

Step 3.

Whilst in this feeling of breathing in and out of your heart imagine, remember and experience a feeling of appreciation or the love for someone or something you care about.

Stay here until you feel completely at peace totally relaxed.

Repeat as often as required. And use this technique any time that you feel depleted, tired or drained of energy.

After a few weeks of doing this, your stress levels will come down and will stay down!

Let me know how you get on.

Love All ways,

Charlotte xx