Spiritual Mind Treatment for Feminine Expression

Life is love, intelligence and beauty. This Love is abundantly Present within and throughout all experience, thought, action and manifestation and I am One with this Infinite Love. The Love of the Divine is mine to rejoice in.

Love is not something that I create myself, it is a state of awareness which spreads gently through me as I contemplate Infinite Love.

No matter my perceptions about myself and life, Being One with the eternal energies of The Universe I accept that what is True of the Divine, is true of me.

Despite having felt out of balance with my Essential Self, I now choose to release all limiting beliefs, uncertainties, any sense of unworthiness or inferiority, and any lack of confidence and fears which keep me small, hiding my light, and disconnected to my feminine essence; these are lovingly released to the Infinite Intelligence to resolve with Love. All shadows and illusions of separation are now dissolved by Infinite Wisdom.

I dance with and weave together the threads of all existence, matter and energies;

to liberate, transform and manifest both the conscious and the divine in all areas of my life. Dissolving all edges of holding, withholding, and closures.

I deeply and fully accept a balanced, harmonious, integration, throughout all areas of my life, body and relationships. So that I may shine with beauty, radiance, sensuality, creativity and strength.

The earth is Rich, and resplendent with the bounty of intoxicating flowers of every hue and scent, as perfect and distinct as each flower is, I recognise my own uniqueness and that of every woman.

As I breathe in this realisation, my senses become enlivened and I allow my feminine wholeness to playfully express through me now, as I live from the well spring of richness, open to Intuitive promptings and from integrity.

My vibrant heart is now full of love, deeply connected to all the cycles and rhythms of life as I expand to receive deeply, from nourished roots in Mother Earth.

As I bathe in the energies of the feminine, my consciousness bursts forth, awakened, present and aligned with my truth. With each breath I absorb the Divine, joining the circle of women, past, present and future, and receive their wisdom which informs all of my interactions with myself and others.

It is with total Confidence and joy, that I can relax in the realisation that all is well with me.

I speak my word knowing that my consciousness is now wide open to the blessings of the Infinite, and that there is nothing in my beliefs that hinders the flow of love through me.

I release this Treatment into Divine Mind knowing that as the Divine is within me, the work is already done and a life of Love & Abundance is assured for me.

With immense gratitude, I let go and surrender in trust, knowing that I am now blessed and wholly supported.

I give thanks for deliverance of word into form as I dance my gratitude, knowing that I can rejoice in the perfection of the Universe.

And So It Is.

Love All Ways,

Charlotte xx

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