Spiritual Mind Treatment for Grief

God is the essence of all that is, eternally present and peaceful. God is love, harmony and grace.

I too am the embodiment of this essence, the Universal Love of God. What is true of God is true of me. I am aware that what I am in the small God is in the large. That in truth we are one and the same.

As God’s love is eternally present, and goes deeper than the darkest pain. I now accept what is uncomfortable, and wish to know God, the great comforter.

Despite the shadow of grief, the protective shade of the Divine, I recognise that there is no separation, there is only ever-changing form, that all, in essence, is the same.

As I experience all manner of emotions and symptoms with this loss, which often feels confusing, I am ready to accept that I am adjusting to change and with this change comes the process of healing. There is a Universal Intelligence at play, which informs this process.

Good grieving is the love that takes me beyond myself and I accept that grief is not weakness, despite how I may feel, it is a process, and as I accept grief it flows through me. As I experience loss, I reflect upon my own mortality, and face any fears held here.

Becoming friends with grief, I welcome this as a unique process of discovery, self-reflection, sadness, transformation, stillness, and pain. I choose to surrender to grief, I give myself over to the Divine Presence, which is my healing. All upset is now released as I lovingly accept the eternal process of change. And welcome the sweetness of celebration in the joy of all life. I integrate the changes of loss that ripple out far and wide, recognising that this one ending provides me the opportunity to deal with multiple, unhealed wounds from my past.

As I begin the process of integrating all sense of loss; creating peace and harmony throughout all my experiences. I am comforted in knowing that we are all born into a cycle of change, of life, death and rebirth. That we are part of the eternal fabric of life and what is born must return, that we are all beautifully connected and intertwined, and that there is a purpose to all happenings in this life.

From my grief I am reborn, greater, stronger wiser, and more loving than before. I reach out and accept the gifts of love I need at this time, and acknowledge that I am the perfect gift in the receiving.

I trust that in the fullness of time the expansion of life will be revealed. The space created, by releasing all sense of dualistic thoughts in separation, is flooded now with love as I expand to receive more.

I give my loving thanks that I find myself at this magnificent place, with a profound reverence for life, which bursts forth through me in joy.

I let go, surrendering all attachment, knowing that all is well and all is in Divine Order.

And So It Is.

Love All Ways,

Charlotte xx