Are You Looking for the Perfect Self-Development and Relaxation Practice?

There is a particular powerful guided meditation that I love to practice and facilitate with others, this beautiful deeply relaxing practice of yogic sleep, or psychic sleep is a form of self hypnosis which brings us into deep states of relaxation.

It is an incredibly simple and yet deeply profound practice of whole body, mind and spirit relaxation, which enables us to develop deep healing, expanded consciousness and profound change.

Through specific patterns of awareness, the body moves into a deep sleep, whilst the mind remains conscious and aware, to move through specific visualisations to bring about positive change by releasing long-held karmas, habits, patterns of resistance and negative states of mind.

This wonderful yogic practice of yoga nidra is suitable for anyone.

Many of you will know that I am a great advocate of having a regular Yoga Nidra practice in your life!

Benefits of Yoga Nidra:

• Increased vitality

• Reduces stress symptoms

• Improves sleep

• Calms the mind

• Lower blood pressure • Develops Spiritual Awareness

• Promotes deep emotional and physical healing

Each session you will be encouraged to work with your own personal resolve, what we call a Sankalpa; to bring about the positive change you wish to experience in your life.

Some examples of Sankalpas:

• I am vibrantly healthy in all ways.

• My intuition is strong and clear.

• My relationships are happy, supportive and loving.

• I embrace change with ease.

• I awaken my Spiritual Awareness.

Come and join us for our weekly session of Yoga Nidra and be the change you wish to see in the world.

Day: Monday's

Time: 19.00 -20.00 (GMT+1)

Venue: Online (from the comfort of your own home)

What you need:

• Access to the internet/wifi

• Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.

• Make sure you have blankets, pillows at hand so that you can be totally comfortable.

Our weekly practice takes us deeply into a reflective relaxation.

There is no movement; we simply follow the guided meditation whilst lying down.

You can sign up here

Find yourself a comfortable, quiet place, close the door, switch off all distractions, throw a blanket over you, and settle in for a lovely guided practice!

Love All ways,

Charlotte xx