Daily Breathwork Practice - I love it!

“God took the dust of the earth and formed the body of man; and breathed into the nostrils of man the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”

I feel that this is the purpose of practicing Conscious Breathwork is to both inform and inspire, to awaken our curiosity, to elevate our consciousness, to delve deep into the hidden realms of our true selves, to shine a light on those murky areas we’ve tucked away, disowned and judged wrong ...so that we come home to ourselves, this moment and actively, creatively, consciously create our best true selves from this understanding of ourselves.

“Breathwork is a Spiritual Tool of Awakening.” – Dan Brulé

One of the aspects of Conscious Breathing I have found to be beautiful is that, as Dan Brulé says, you are creative, but actively becoming involved with, and self-directing the breath in the manner that is going to best serve the outcome you require, you are in that moment a creative director of your own experience both in that moment, and the moments to come.

I have also been inspired to understand and affirm that we are always already free, it’s our own beliefs and habitual patterns that pull us out of alignment with this truth and the breath is a gateway back to centre, to this moment, to experience truth and more aliveness NOW.

My own commitment to practice Conscious Connected Breathing every day has been a revelation. Every morning before getting out of bed I practice either 20 minutes or half an hour of Conscious Connected Breathing and it’s been beautiful practice, sometimes challenging and sometimes like floating in the ether held by the golden light of love – what a beautiful space to open to every morning.

During the past few months of committed practice many things seem to have been detoxing in my life, some relationships have dissolved and released, I have gained a fresh clarity on how I wish to expand forward in life and have a beautiful daily practice, that no matter how I am feeling, whether it be elated, sad, open or closed, serves me and creates an island to return home to again and again.

This in turn gives rise to fresh ideas, a new perspective, inspiration and a deepening understanding of my own gifts, fallibility, expressions and withholdings. Breathwork guides us into; awakens us to the space of pure awareness.

“Breathing restores me to my exact self.” - The Song of Soloman

Practicing breathwork regularly brings us into direct communion with life, expansion and contraction; life and death, birth and renewal, enlivening and letting die away. With every breath we dance these polarities, we receive and give, draw in and surrender.

The teachings of the breath itself, if we choose to focus there, are that all is in a process of change and that we may fully and consciously participate in that ongoing change, we can practice our own death in each moment as we rise again with the inhalation, that we can choose and set ourselves up for success, our breath is the guide and also a means of understanding ourselves on a deeper level, so that we can consciously choose how we show up moment by moment, release what must be set free, birth our new beginnings and utilise breath mastery as a tool to do so!

“When in doubt breathe.”

If you are wanting to explore the breath and the power it can fuel our lives with I would suggest reading Just Breathe by Dan Brulé. Or come along and join us in our weekly Breathing Circle.

My copy of Just Breathe is terribly dogeared as every page is covered in under-linings, corners turned down, stars and comments in the margins! I am so inspired by this beautiful, succinct book and how it leads both the curious and the practitioner on a journey of self-discovery, revelation and understanding.

Dan’s work delivers a powerful message of hope and self-empowerment for anyone who wishes to experience the healing, therapeutic, consciousness-elevating, self-improvement, transformation and Awakening that Conscious Breathing has to offer.

With clear instructions, backed up with practical information, theory and application of each practice, this is an invaluable study bible, a manual to take out time and time again. I personally find myself randomly opening the book and finding such beautiful quotes in amongst the words that dance across the page.

There is a simple yet profound truth, that conscious breathwork works! No matter what our goals or aspirations there is a breathwork practice which is perfect for each of us.

Let the breath guide you and you will be set free!

Love All ways,

Charlotte xx