Allignment and the New Year

I am asking myself ...

What illuminates my deepest, purest most tender heart? What is yearning to be lived through me, aligned with, expressed outwardly in my life? What is my souls calling? What do I wish to fully own and consciously embody now? What is required of me in how I show up? What is truthful for me now? And how can I be a beacon of light for this truth, to radiate out and reveal the shyness in the shadows? What do I NOW choose to resonate with? Especially when I release the should haves the could haves, any lingering shame or guilt, and the fear of being too much! What is my Highest Self seeking and inspiring me to DO, BE and LIVE in this magnificent world of ours? What must I release, to reveal, to be all that ... to express my deepest purpose, my purest heart love, my needs, to flourish? What can the Beloved Divine receive from me to be transmuted across all time, space and reality, so that I may shine my light brighter with more presence, depth, integrity and joy? And in doing so I can, MUST and WILL fully live my hearts tenderest and most Wildish delights and desires. I am curious ... what is calling you? What secret truths are seeking your permission to come forth and be loved into fullness?

May you be Guided by Grace and Inspired by Love.

Love All ways for your most radiant, magnificant, love filled year yet!

Charlotte xx

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