Radiant Health - Spiritual Mind Treatment

Divine Intelligence is the source of all Health, Wholeness and Perfection, it is Radiant, Whole and Complete.

All of Life conforms to the Perfection that is Harmonious and Balanced in all ways.

I know that right here, where I am, the Divine; Creator of All Life and vibrant limitless health, and well-being is also. All that Divine Intelligence is I am.

I am One with Life, One with Perfection, One with Health; in perfect wholeness.

Divine Source is the perfect expression of life and Health within me. Despite the way things may appear, the temple of my body becomes the expression of pure vibrant health and boundless energy.

Grace clears the pathways within me revealing Vibrant life flowing through my whole body; every cell, every function, each organ, my senses, and movements are positively enlivened.

As health is a state of balance in body, mind and spirit, with the body a product of the mind, I now choose to feed it with empowering thoughts of love and glowing health.

Today I know that my health, my physical well-being, as well as my mental poise and peace flow through me from the Source of All Perfection. That this Divine Source is restoring me to wholeness as I NOW choose to focus only on radiant health.

There is no place within my body that this Perfection of Divine Health does not freely reside. The Divine informs all areas of my life to be in harmony, vibrancy, and radiance as I speak these words of vitality.

With thanks and love I welcome Grace to reveal the radiant health that I know in Truth is mine.

I am filled with such gratitude that it wells up within me and spills out affecting every area of my life.

I release this treatment to Divine Love; Grace, which is already acting upon it with Love.

I Love me and I Love Life!

And so it is.

In Radiant Health and Vitaliity,

Charlotte xx