The Power of the Breath

Experience every breath as a prayer, and every breath as a blessing ... And watch your whole life become filled with Grace, joy and gratitude.

Our conscious awareness of each breath attunes us to the roadmap of our life, by feeling in to our breath we have a direct communion with the source of Life and our moment by moment experience and expression of It.

Breathwork is the quickest way to change our point of view. It may seem impossible that a conscious connected breath could have so much influence, but it really does! Adopting the practice brings awareness to our life and the decisions we make.

- Anthony Abbagnano

I am fully engrossed in Breathwork Facilitator training at the moment, so far it has been an intense, deep, powerful, and transformative journey, which I am loving. I am so passionate about sharing the incredible healing modality of breathwork with others.

I have been inspired to study breathwork in depth and train to deepen my understanding and capacity to share this with others for a number of reasons.

- Firstly, my father suffers with COPD, which is distressing, and a daily reminder of the importance of our breath and the impact this has on the quality of our lives.

- Secondly, as a yoga teacher I hear people saying every day that they can't get the breathing right, or their breathing feels back to front, stuck, or they can't take a long deep breath.

- Thirdly I grew up in a family where my sister had brittle asthma, I would spend many a long night massaging her back and breathing with her to alleviate the symptoms.

Throughout my life I have been acutely aware of the impact our breath has on our ability to be present, resourceful, to cope in difficult situations, to find joy, peace and accept love, to find ease in our body and to be able to give more and to surrender to grace; the indwelling peace within us all.

Personally, I have found practicing Conscious Connected Breathwork to be one of the quickest ways of accessing unconscious material, releasing stored trauma, and re-connecting with my deepest most natural state of peace, joy and bliss.

When we practice Conscious connected breathing, we breathe through the mouth in a connected circular pattern; without any pause between the inhale at the top and the exhale at the bottom. The breaths become seamless and as we cycle the breath we access greater or higher states of consciousness.

Occasionally things may begin to surface that we have long since buried or hanging on to, memories, trauma or a multitude of hurts and upsets, that have layered up within us over our lifetimes, these unresolved ‘issues’ can lay dormant as we repeat patterns over and over again, drawing to us the situations that are showing us where we can grow personally, and release old ways of being.

By practicing Conscious Breathwork, we have the opportunity to release, and unravel some of these held on to states, stories, patterns and perceptions. Any past traumas can find completion in the breath and body so that we can literally let go.

We have all experienced emotional and mental pain at some time in our lives, some have also experienced physical trauma too, we have all experienced that sudden intake of breath as we experience something uncomfortable, or outside of our control. That sudden intake or holding on to the breath can cause the energy or emotion to become lodged, or stuck within us, the breath wasn’t able to complete its natural cycle.

By breathing consciously, and remaining present to the breath, in the moment, that holding on or locking in of emotion/energy can find its completion; we are literally able to breathe new life into ourselves and expand our possibilities.

My breathwork teacher, Anthony Abbagnano, says it takes just ten breaths to change our point of view – I think he’s right!

As the breath connects the body and mind, the con

scious and the unconscious we can readily access our healing capacity, to regulate our body and mind, to create greater well-being, health and vitality as we flood our system with more oxygen. It can help us manage our mood, and our stress responses, gain clarity and enliven our energy to optimise our health.

Changing our world from the inside out is both sustainable and practical enabling us to reap many benefits throughout the greater arena of our lives as we develop, release and recharge on all levels.

The Breath of Life (Spiritual Breathing) is revealing itself to be the driving force at the heart and the cutting edge of this coming leap in human development.

- Dan Brule

I shall be sharing much more about breathwork over the coming months, I greatly look forward to sharing practices with you.

If you feel called to experience conscious breathwork for yourself then please do get in touch and we can establish a way to work together.

Love All ways,


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