Gift of Life

With every inhalation my breath kisses my Soul

with depth, love and appreciation,

whilst in return my Soul, drenched with vitality,

honours each breath in awe;

in reverence

to this magnificent gift of life.

I am so excited to be starting my journey as a Breath-worker, to connect to the inner world in a profound and healing way. To offer these gifts to others so that we may all breathe esasier, release the binds of the past and step into being our fullest most radiant selves.

I shall be sharing my journey as I go along, the studies are looking to be intense, stretching, loving and deeply moving.

I have been searching for a Breath-work trainer for some time, someone who I resonate with, who can offer a full range and breadth of practices, with a keen understanding of the theraputic aspects of breath, healing and trauma work and who has truly walked their talk.

So I embrace my training with Anthony, from Alchemy of Breath, with anticipation and joy!

Love All ways,

Charlotte xx

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