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Routines and rituals can be an absolute game changer for a lot of people. Personally, I have found that by having a nightly ritual, a practice to turn to each and every evening it becomes a sacred time of reflection, self-development and clarity finding – even in the darkest times.

My current nightly pre-sleep practice comprises of dropping into a deep connected breath practice, journaling and gratitude. I find that spending even just a few moments moving my body, prior to my journaling practice really helps me to be mindfully present in the moment. For example, a few cat cows, hip circles and gentle stretches (all in bed), sometimes it will be a full body shaking practice; to loosen any pent up-ness, or dancing to a few beautiful songs.

Once I retire to bed, after slavering myself in coconut oil, I will take out my night journal and practice in this manner:

1. I write extensively about five things, people or situations that I am deeply grateful from the day. I express what it is I am grateful for, why and how it makes me feel. It could be gratitude for the breath I receive, a special moment, my beautiful body, or a particular someone, my beating heart, my practice.

It is so important to see even the smallest of blessings in our lives – especially when times feel tough.

2. I then dream big, by writing out my wildest wishes – the bolder more creative and wild the better – aim to write about at least three!

You’d be amazed how many of these will come true – certainly that’s been my experience.

3. I then work with reprogramming my subconscious by using my non-dominant hand to write out the new beliefs I wish to embody and experience throughout my life and include in this practice writing out the altered states of consciousness I wish to experience.

I do this particular part of the journaling by not allowing my pen to lift off the page, so every word is connected, and I am sure quite illegible to others!

I am right handed which is connected to my left brain - the side responsible for language, judgment and intellect.

So, for this practice I use my left hand, the side that is connected to my right brain, the source of creativity, perception and empathy.

"By its design, our right mind is spontaneous, carefree and imaginative. It allows our creative juices to flow free without inhibition,"

- Jill Bolte Taylor, Ph.D., a neuroanatomist

Research shows us that, regardless of which hand we favour, writing and drawing with the non-dominant hand gives greater access to the right hemispheric functions like feeling, intuition, creativity, and inner wisdom and spirituality. By using the non-dominant hand to perform unfamiliar tasks requires the brain to map new neural pathways, by rejuvenating our brains in this way we can quite literally join the dots between creativity, problem solving and accessing more of our brains power to bring about all that we most desire in life for ourselves.

"When a dialog occurs between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, both emotions and thoughts are more fully expressed and understood,"

- Lucia Capacchione

As we are drifting into sleep states we are in theta brain state which is a receptive, creative dream like state, this means that as we are journaling and feeling sleepy we access more insight and creative juices that our sub-conscious then works on during our sleep, problem solving and aligning us with our goals, ambitions and dreams.

When practicing yoga and meditation you will be in the frequency of Alpha brainwave state, the state of deep relaxation and meditation.

Just before sleep you enter Theta brain waves, are considered to be the sub-conscious, and therefore responsible for governing the storehouse of our sub-conscious mind, the state between the conscious and the un-conscious, where we retain memories and feelings and therefore directly related to our beliefs and behaviour. between wakefulness and sleep.

This state is often referred to as the hypnagogic state of consciousness, which is the experience of the transition between wakefulness and sleep, just moments before the onset of sleep and can lead us into lucid dreaming states. In this state, there is a natural loosening of ego, boundaries and an enhanced state of openness, empathy and sensitivity. We acn access this stae very easily thgrough our Yoga Nidra, yogic sleep sessions, which enables us to rest deeply physically menatlly and emotionally to bring about our desires and wishes.

Read more about Yoga Nidra here: https://www.charlotte-esme.com/single-post/2017/07/25/Yoga-Nidra---and-why-I-LOVE-it​

With this loosening of ego we can create from an open, creative, dreamlike state without our habitual diminishing, limiting or suppressing behaviours taking over. Setting us free to dream into being, to manifest our wildest dreams!

Our sub-conscious mind is an obedient servant and must deliver, without question, what we place within it!

I’d love to know how you get on with this practice, and would thoroughly enjoy hearing about your manifested dreams!

And if you would like to explore these states further to take positive action in creating the life and dreams you truly desire you can join us on our Yoga Nidra, LIVE online relaxation sessions, where you access these states quite readily whilst working with placing your own intentions upon the fertile soil of your sub-conscious mind. The practice of Yoga Nidra is powerful beyond measure and I would love to be your guide during the process and see your dreams, goals and ambitions blossom into being.

Book your place here: https://www.charlotte-esme.com/yoga-nidra-weekly

So, here’s to the realisation of your most bodacious, wildest, magnificent dreams being manifest into being!

Love All ways,

Charlotte xx

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