The Process of Healing

People often put up with symptoms for years before deciding to seek help or make positive changes in their lives.

Perhaps you have experienced this...?

Often times we will suffer on until we reach absolute crisis point, whether that be with debiliting physical crisis, prolonged mental or emotioanl pain or suffering in our relationships, before we reach out for help and assistance in unravelling our symptoms and finding peace, harmony and healing.

For me this came in the guise of a debilitating back condition, that left me in daily pain, struggling to get out of bed in the morning, and the loss of joy in life, and not being able yo be fully present ot my children.

It was time for desperate measures!

I looked deep within to the dis-ease that was being played out in my life and set upon clearing things and healing by changing my behaviours, beliefs and actions.

This included daily meditation, breath-work, gentle movement, clearing up my diet, listening deeply to my own needs - and meeting them, and redirecting the course of my life.

It was a process of clearing out, rebuilding, healing, creating, re-defining, cahnging my beliefs and letting go all that no longer served my Highest good. The result was self-actualisation, greater self-respect, a deeper undersatnding of what drives us, and what it takes to commit to self-development, Spiritual growth and transformation.

I will be eternally grateful for the process as it inspired me to reach out and serve others through yoga, meditation, breath-work, workshops, writing and holding space for others as required.

Healing is a process – it takes time!

A healing crisis confirms that the body now has the strength to deal with its problems.

However, these symptoms are usually, short- lived and are generally followed by a feeling of increased energy and well-being.

Any reaction is connected to a better body balance and general condition. It is impossible to predict exactly how the body reacts, as the reactions are individual.

Herrings Law of cure states that:

“All healing takes place from within, out, from the head down and in the reverse order that they appear.”

When experiencing a true healing crisis, the person has an intuitive recognition that it is part of a curative process and is not alarmed. This is true even for people who are usually anxious to manage symptoms. The wisdom inherent in the human system is asserting itself, and the enhanced awareness of the person is a sign of that process.

When people experience back or spinal problems the result is that the kidneys have a hard time in keeping pace with a high concentrate of toxins, therefore the spine suffers without regular realignment of the skeletal frame…this is where your yoga can really help!

Chronic conditions takes longer to improve than a recent ailment – it’s important to persevere.

As the treatment activates the body’s healing powers the accumulated products and toxins, which may have laid dormant in the body for some time, are released into the bloodstream and excreted.

The physical stress of exercises can help to move the crises from the emotional to the physical plane, thereby advancing the level of healing.

Reducing environmental stresses can also help a healing crisis pass more quickly. For some people, this may call for a good look at their daily stress level. A healing crisis can act like a catalyst, mobilising people to make positive changes in their lives.

The body replays a memory of past conditions or symptoms not yet resolved which are of emotional origin.

A rebalance of energy pathways may lead us to feel “off balance”. It can take a little time for the hard wiring we have been conditioning ourselves to to be transcended; thus permitting new ways of Being and experiencing ourselves, health and wellbeing.

On a physical muscular level our bodies have ‘muscle memory’ an athlete whom stops training loses most of the condition in their body very quickly, usually within six weeks, however, as we have muscle memory health, strength and vitality are very quickly regained at the onset of training.

What are the specifics of a healing crisis?

The malaise of a healing crisis falls into one or more of these categories:

• lethargy, fatigue • feeling as if one might be “coming down with something” • appearance of flu-like symptoms • a return of specific recent symptoms • a recurrence of much older symptoms.

The sequence that characterizes a healing crisis is: • initial improvement • temporary aggravation • stabilized improvement.

A healing crisis is typically short. It may last a few hours at the end of the day and be gone by morning. Or it might last a day or even two. It will not usually be longer than that.

Positive effects can include: • Feeling very relaxed • Increased energy • Improved sleep pattern • Feeling elated or “on a high” • Feeling as though they are “floating on air” • Feeling more in control of their lives • Relief from pain • A feeling of balance in body, mind and spirit • Initially more vivid dreaming

Negative effects can include: • Temporary worsening of presenting condition and/or the underlying condition • A feeling of being generally unwell • Headaches • Needing to sleep a lot • Feeling very tired and listless • Feeling emotionally upset, irritable or restless • Feeling depressed • Feeling hot or cold • Fever/temperature • Muscular pains

Eliminatory effects can include: • Increased urination and/ or defecation • Slight constipation • Increased sweating, especially from the hands and feet • Nausea or dizziness • A skin reaction • A runny nose • Secretion from the throat/ears

Hering’s Law of Cure Q. What is Hering’s Law? A. Hering’s Law states that: “All healing occurs from within out, from the head down, and in the reverse order in which the symptoms have appeared.”

Q. Who came up with Hering’s Law of Cure? A. Many years ago, a now famous Doctor observed this healing phenomenon and

Q. What does Hering’s Law mean? A. Hering’s Law describes an event or process that may occur after you begin to detox or cleanse your body, especially if you have cleansed too much and/or too fast.

Essentially, the body will follow a certain pattern of healing as described below:

“From within-out” – getting rid of toxic accumulations from the inside of the body to the outside (through the skin).

“From the head down” – A good philosophy is part of getting well-a philosophy that brings cheerfulness, happy moments and an attitude of determination to overcome. Where is a person’s philosophy? The answer is in the head. The person who nurtures hate, destructive ideas, misery and other negative feelings is sowing the seeds of dis-ease, not health. Such an individual will experience difficulty in getting well. We must re-evaluate and restructure the “nourishment” that goes into the body in order to regenerate and rejuvenate the body…

“In reverse order that the symptoms appeared” – Recent conditions leave first, earlier conditions leave or are eliminated last. It may take years for organs in a chronic state to revitalize to the point where old, dried catarrh (mucous) can liquefy and be brought out through the eliminative channels.

Q. What exactly happens with a healing crisis? A. As a patient is being brought out of a chronic condition by all natural means, old dried-up mucous membranes become moist again. Through movement of catarrh, toxins and wastes that were once trapped in the affected parts of the body are carried away. This marks the onset of a healing crisis.

While it may seem that the disease has returned, the difference is that the healing crisis comes at a time when the patient’s general health has greatly improved, and the elimination of catarrh is simply a step in the “reversal of symptoms” as predicted by Hering’s Law. The elimination is frequently accompanied by fever and always accompanied by tissue inflammation. It is only through a complete elimination through the healing crisis and the re-balancing of the chemical elements that a cure to be manifested.

Allopathic medicine knows this process as a Herzheimer Reaction.

Q. What is catarrhal discharge? A. A catarrhal discharge is an inflammation of the mucous membranes with a Resulting free discharge of mucous. It is completely normal and the desired Result.

Q. What are the symptoms of a healing crisis? A. Everybody is different and has had different experiences, illnesses, genes, etc. And thus will respond/react differently than others. Some people will experience Symptoms such as sore throat, swollen glands, and headaches. Others will complain of low grade fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea. Many also re-experience past illnesses and traumas. But these symptoms do not last as long as the original illness nor are they as severe.

Most healing crises will last approximately a few days before they quickly disappear. Some healing crisis can be severe, last a week or more and be quite scary; some can be quite subtle and barely even noticeable.

The key is not to panic if you have a healing event. Just be aware that you may be experiencing a healing crisis, if you have been doing things such as fasting, cleansing or altering the quality of ingested foods, improving your standard of living and increasing your pH level.

If I can assist you in your own healing journey, please reach out and I will serve as best as I can.

In healing and Grace,

Charlotte xx

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