Alignment and Co-Creation with the Universe

Are you living your life on Purpose?

Are you waking up each morning with a clear sense of your own truth and alignment?

To be living in authentic co-creation with the Universe?

Do you have your own personal manifesto to live by, to be a source of daily inspiration?

A manifesto is a declaration of one’s beliefs, opinions, motives, and intentions, it aligns us with our deepest souls needs for a full expression throughout all areas of our lives.

The word manifesto traces its roots to the Latin manifestum, which means clear or conspicuous.

By creating a personal manifesto, it enables us to get clear, to have our own guiding light from within, our hearts compass of truth, our intuitive alignment with All that IS; so that we live our fullest potential.

Our personal statement of intent is our guide to return to day by day, to witness our own expansions and contractions, to observe those areas within that need deeper communion with a richly led life of authentic trust and reverence.

Your personal statement of intent, your personal manifesto, is a constant source of daily inspiration for you to live by.

You can create your own intentions around particular topics or areas most pertinent in your life, or you can create a punchy, statement of your truth which is succinct, clear and in alignment with your deepest, fullest, richest, wildest, most loving self.

This is my current personal statement of truth:

The love and rich supply of God now acts upon my every action,

intention, spoken word, thought, health, money and beliefs; so that my whole life is now vibrantly aligned with, and enlivened with my greatest good and that of others. And so it is.

How to create your own personal manifesto:

  1. Get clear on the areas you wish to address within yourself and throughout your life.

  2. Become clear about the overall ‘state’ you wish to live your life in.

  3. Write down your new values, beliefs, intentions and principles you are choosing to align yourself with.

  4. Use strong, powerful affirmative words in the present tense as though it has already shown up and occurred in your life.

  5. Commit your intentions to paper, write the manifesto our clearly with pen and paper, this is a powerful practice of pure hearted intent in and of itself.

  6. Take a few breaths and read it each and every day. Spend a few moments in contemplation upon your own intentions each morning so that becomes your guiding light for the day.​

Love All ways,

Charlotte xx

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