The body KNOWS the score!

It's our hearts intelligence that knows the rights and wrongs, that can inspire the mapping of our course. The whole body heartfelt YES and the full embodied NO! These truths expressed through our heart space enable us to stay the course of our inherent birthright for wholeness, joy and integrity. I've found that when I listen to the subtle landscape of my body's intelligence; the micro announcements of truth to the subtle and far more obvious retractions or expansions, then I have my internal guide to show me the way. The more I've tuned in and listened to the messages of my innermost being; my hearts intelligence, my gut brain, the contraction or expansion of my breath, my bodily sensations; my intuition, then I am powerful beyond measure to take inspired, deliberate action towards my greatest self. Therefore by exalting these signals of heartfelt bodily YES or NO, and steering our course deliberately, guided by these sensations then we are on the 'right' path. And will NEVER be out of integrity. So I urge us all to drop in, breath and feel, to ask the question most pertinent and FEEL the answer through us. With practice I've come to trust the wisdom within my cells. To understand my own inner landscape, to recognise the signals. I was once advised that if it's not a wholehearted, full bodied, orgasmic leap of joy kind of YES then it's a NO and to keep seeking. I am still working towards living each moment of my life in this way, of course with the numerous responsibilities myself and each of us face it can seem somewhat difficult to be that present with ourselves, or to even hear the body's warnings or declarations of a delighted YES! So here's to each of our journey to wholeness, integrity, to deeper intuitive Knowing and greater authenticity as we listen to our inherent, innate wisdom, though our body and our breath.

Love All ways,

Charlotte xx

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