Spiritual Mind Treatment - DIVINE GUIDANCE

There is only One Love, One Life and One field of Potentiality. This Eternal Presence flows throughout all Life. It contains all that is needed to express, demonstrated and create Perfect Grace. This Grace; this Love is Perfect Harmonious Beauty, and as It is so am I, I am at One with the Grace and Harmony of the Universe. I am aligned with Love and I am aligned with Life as it expresses joyously through me. All things are possible with the Loving Universe, therefore when I turn to this Love it radiates throughout my whole being, whatever my need Divine Grace has the answer. It inspires Intuition to guide me where, and how needed, for the fullest expression of my deepest longings.

This Presence knows exactly what I need for my next steps on my journey and as I trust in this I KNOW in my heart of hearts that I am protected and guided in everything I do, say or think.

With this knowledge I can now graciously let fall aside those thoughts, ideas, actions, things and desires that no-longer express my truth, as I accept and surrender to Divine Guidance which Inspires the way, Blessing and clearing the path before me, It leads me to my Highest Good and the Highest Good of all those concerned. The flow of Divine Intuition infuses all of my interactions with Love. I am filled with gratitude and this spills over into every aspect of life. With reverence I let go and let Grace, I trust fully in the inherent Goodness guiding me onwards to a life of Pure Joy and Bliss. And So It Is.

Love All ways,

Charlotte xx

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