Love or Fear

Two choices are always at our disposal – every belief, thought and action comes from either Love or Fear.

We are in control of, and creating everything we are currently experiencing in life.

What choices are you making right now?

Which choices are supporting you?

Which choices are not?

Perhaps you could choose a new focus…

I find it useful to ask myself “what would love do right now – am I doing this from love or fear?”

If you were to ask yourself the same question what would change?

What would you be doing or saying differently?

How would you respond in any given moment?

How would your decision making be effected?

How would your relationships look if you chose to relate from love rather than fear?

How would you relate to yourself, especially if you chose love?

When I choose love over fear life becomes brighter, fuller and richer in all ways.

When I choose to show up for myself from a place of love I practice self-care, I accept myself as I am, without trying to change or shame myself, I listen deeply to my truest needs, I no longer accept situations or relationships that no longer serve me. I am able to be fully with myself and respond accordingly with a sense of love and compassion.

As I practice self-compassion this spills out to positively influence all areas of my life!

When we develop compassion for ourselves this automatically expresses itself through us, in our choices, decisions, needs, and our interactions with others.

It is imperative that we choose LOVE, and then love will choose us!

How are you choosing Love today?

Love All ways,


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