A Metaphysical Prayer for Peace

Divine Spirit within me, Shine forth through the heart of my Being and melt all misunderstanding that may block the way of Love.

Let me see through all false appearances, remove the veil from my eyes so that I may know myself and others as they really are.

I know that in my false identity of seeming separation, I do not see clearly but when I rest in the Presence of the One Spirit, the world is revealed as transformed and I realise my Oneness and theirs.

Then I can say with the Wise of the ages “The Presence of Peace indwells me now, it goes before me and prepares the way. It brings the Light of Love, blessing all it encounters on its path. That same Peace at the centre of all there is, flows forth through the world today.

And so it is

- Written by Christine King of the Metaphysical Society

May we all dwell in Peace,

Charlotte xx

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