Unbound… Danced high across Loves Golden Bridge. Deaths scattered beneath her, Untamed Wildish nature roused, reverentially united In Heavenly rapture.

The only way to break through the illusion of safety; to become a more skilled dancer in the dark, is to team up with one’s self, to be your own guiding light. There is a sacred wellspring of Love within…it travels life’s mysteries within you – carried tenderly, protected, for those times you need to tune in, thus turning off all external chatter, disillusionment, distraction. Ah but, it too may hurt, it hurts to stretch your wings, to expand horizons as you navigate breadths and depths of knowledge; to experience new horizons. To choose Aliveness creates death too … the passing of the ego, outdated ideals, past dreams, limitations, loves, expectations…

Is it worth it? YES. There is pain as you step out, stepping up to embrace freedom navigating Loves Golden Bridge. But, the pain of staying small, tamed; unannounced, that is the greatest pain of all.

Discomfiture is the backbone of adventuring out into unknown territory … it is time to embrace it, to illuminate the way forward, out of darkness through a technicolour of wanderings, explorations and new navigational passages of awe … gloriously led, hand in hand by your own hearts compass. So let’s choose Life, to breathe, to find strength to unfold … to become Unbound. Your dreams await your magnificence, they are not random visions … they are your soul calling you to work. To make something quite glorious with this extraordinary gift of life. Here’s to your magnificence … I salute you. In All Love and Adventuring, Charlotte xx

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