“I Forgive Myself…”

“I Forgive Myself…”

‘I forgive myself’ is such a powerful and humbling statement, it could imply that we are not whole and wounded or indeed some terrible person who has done many wrongs unto others, but as I connect with this statement, and the feeling state around it, I can see that there are many acts, both obvious and not, internally ‘done’ to ourselves and others, there are life-long disconnections, sacrifices, misunderstandings, hurts, prejudices, mistruths and injustices we ‘commit’ to others and ourselves that need releasing.

It is vitaly important to shine the light upon these wounds and truly seek forgiveness; so that we may reside bathed in the arms of Universal Love and complete acceptance.

I have believed over the years that I have been forgiving, accepting and understanding of others and any aspect of my interaction with them that has left me hurting, sad, feeling unloved or disrespected, and I still believe this to be true, my capacity for compassion to others has certainly been greater than the compassion I have been tending myself with.

I find that it has been most difficult in life to let myself off the hook; to deeply forgive myself and let go of my fallibilities, that my own intolerance of my own perceived lacks, limitations and wrongdoings has been historically more difficult for me to release.

Until now…

I am discovering as time progresses, and perhaps more maturity, and a deepening understanding of the whys and ways that this magical life unfolds, that we are all innocent in the eyes of God, that it is our own perceptions and beliefs that would tell us differently, that we must befriend ourselves, to seek out all that no longer serves our growth, self-acceptance and Spiritual Oneness.

I recognise now that all that has occurred in my life so far has been to wake me up – to set me free from the confines of past scripts and beliefs, to show the way, to illuminate the path to understanding, to release old concepts, and forgive, so that I may love myself, others and the world more wholly.

I forgive willingly and fully all those who inadvertently acted out my scripts alongside me, for they were powerless not to do so, and likewise I forgive my part in the acting out of ‘there’s’.

I believe wholeheartedly that we are responsible for our own healing and thus all of our interactions with others from the past and present.

As we engage with the beautiful and infinitely powerful work of forgiveness, our future lives and relationships can flourish under loving care and belief in the True Identity and connection to All that IS.

That we can release all that, until now, held us back from shining our love and light more brightly. So that true forgiveness and acceptance of who and what we and others are in this moment NOW may be present moment by glorious moment.

… I now forgive myself for all acts of unkindness, belittling, and unloving behaviours towards myself.

… I forgive all those throughout all time space, reality and history that have acted in ways towards myself and my loved ones that has caused any hurt, big or small.

… I forgive myself wholly for all unkindness towards others, both known and unknown.

… I forgive my kid, my inner child, for acting out on occasion causing disharmony.

… I forgive all false concepts I have held about God, myself, the world and others.

I am so grateful to have the tools and new awareness practices to support this unfolding journey of self-love and forgiveness, for the practising of a 21-day vigil, which has been so powerful and a privilege to tend to. For the metaphysical script work which has shone the light of understanding, and the love and support that surrounds me, as I move forward with forgiveness in my heart and grace in my step.

I feel the tears of joy for this moment now and sadness for lost time rise within me, as I acknowledge this truth, that Forgiveness will set and and indeed all of us free, so that we may befriend ourselves so completely and lovingly.

I recognise that the path of forgiveness is needed to embrace a more tolerant, accepting, loving and wholesome future from this moment and every moment on.

I forgive myself and set myself free.

I recommend that you too write a forgiveness letter to yourself, releasing all known and perceived transgressions to self and others.

If you are interested in script work or committing to a 21 Day Vigil please do message me and I'll guide you through the process.

Love, Blessings and Infinite Healing,

Charlotte xx

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