Let's celebrate our inherent knowingness, passed on from generation to generation of intuitively guided women of wisdom. We can honour the wisdomthat has culminated within us whilst being willing to die to our inherited patterns and core beliefs.

Death isn't something we need to fear...rather it is something to be recognised and embraced as a continuation of the cycle of life.

As deeply expressed women we are uniquely an imperative force in this cycle, we die to our girlhood by stepping into motherhood whether we choose to bring forth another life from our womb or whether we connect to the life and death flow by nurturing in other ways.

By recognizing Death as our ally, we see how it reminds us of how intensely precious life truly is.

By allowing what came before to recede and die we participate on an ever increasing capacity for life and evolving consciousness.

We can use our Yoga practise as a means of letting go in each moment facing these tiny acts of release as mini deaths so that we give birth to our more elevated integrated selves.

Love all ways,

Charlotte xx

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