How I Handle a Sense of Disconnection and Create Spiritual Oneness

It’s easy to see that a disconnection from Spiritual Oneness, from God would translate into a disconnection from all things throughout the near and far reaches of my life; my true nature, my relationships, my aspirations, desires, needs, and dreams, disconnection from others and from my purpose in the world. That this sense of separation from God, if allowed, permeates everything in, around and through me.

I tend to ‘handle a sense of disconnection’ in a number of different ways. I believe, for me, depending on how long the disconnect has been playing out, that that will determine the types of coping mechanisms I may turn to.

Sometimes a feeling of being off kilter may be quickly noticed and simple pleasures and acts of connecting through dance, yoga, meditation, pranayama, and long walks in nature quickly enable me to re-calibrate without too much disturbance. However, if feeling separateness over a longer stretch of time the sense of disconnect is felt more fully as I lose the desire to be doing the very things that help me to stay attuned, energised, present and open – it’s in recognising that there’s been a contraction that I can course adjust and find my way back to source; back into the magic and wonder of being in a state of flow, by reconnecting with the tools that I find most beneficial.

When I have experienced more protracted times of disconnect, I find that nothing in my life works quite as peaceably or as beautifully as usual, that there’s a discord throughout everything. The key thing here has been to jump in as soon as I am aware and practice coming back to a centered, open, vital state so that I may work diligently and gently with the areas of myself, the shadows that have created the outer effects of disharmony.

I have learnt that it is me and only me that has the power to keep me in a state of connection or not. That the experience of God or Oneness is as deep, full and loving as I allow; that I have the awareness to maintain my sense of connection to the eternal Grace of God and live life as It.

I know that no matter what, we are never actually separate from Source, it is unfortunately our dualistic tendency to view us and them, or here and there, me and others, as separate entities that creates the feeling of being disconnected or separate. It is easier and easier as time progresses to recognise myself in the state of fear or dis-harmony and come back to a truly integrated sense of being and oneness. It’s like flexing a muscle, once I become aware of how things are or how I am, then I am empowered to choose to be here and now in the present moment in a state of surrendered acceptance. The more often I bring myself back into alignment that quicker the process is and the more fluid life becomes.

Increasingly I feel a connection to God as an underpinning awareness, or energy that is diffuse and powerfully present at the same time, like a constant background to every moment lived and breathed.

Perhaps you too can picture yourself here amongst my words, my thoughts and the daily actions I take to create a more unified state of being in my life.

What are the practices you are committed to, or creating in your life as a time for reflection, connection and empowerment to be able to course correct and realign yourself with your own truth and desires in life?

With much love and infinite blessings on the path.

Charlotte xx

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