Intuitive Service

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about next steps…

What am I inspired to do?

What is calling to me?

What problems can I help heal in the world?

What is it that I can offer that may just help someone enough to make a shift – no matter how small or how large?

What am I being asked to do/create/perform/develop/Inspire in others?

I am also curious, have you too considered these questions?

I would love to know!


Charlotte xx

What do I need to do now?

I find at these times I need to go inwards, right to the centre of my heart, to the core of my Being…

…right to the very essence of myself, the part of me that always just KNOWS – if only I ‘d get the little me, the uncertain me, the voice of smallness out of the way.

When you feel stuck, unsure or when you KNOW that you have something to offer, that you wish to serve others, that you feel and believe that there is something powerful, something special that can be done…


You are not sure how to go about it or which steps to take… or you feel debilitated by perfectionism or thoughts of lack -

Then it’s time to go inwards, to sit in the stillness of NOW and ask yourself right here in this moment, right now…

"Where would You have me go?

What would You have me do?

What would You have me say, and to whom?"

Ask this of that which you perceive to be Greater, more Powerful, Harmonious, Inspired than you, whether that be your God, Mother Nature, the Cosmos, Universal Energies…

Ask it of that which you connect to in Prayer, in nature, or in moments of sublime flow, meditation and absolute presence.

And then do it IMMEDIATELY!

Do just that, whatever revealed itself to you in the moment of self-less inquiry.

TRUST your innate wisdom, your intuition, it is NEVER wrong.

The seeker whom is inspired to serve, the seeker whom dares to ask and dares to follow through – you don’t need any more or to be any more than you have or are in this moment…

You ARE enough, and in answering the call you grow, you evolve and become a beacon of shining light to others - even the ones who nay say and profess that it can’t be done.

Be bold, be bright and know that you are lovingly held and infinitely guided.

Here’s to OUR Inspired action, to OUR stepping into our greatness.