Let go and BE

Being fully surrendered you give over wholly to what is Truth moment by moment, you intuitively flow, openly available to a direct experience of NOW, where solutions are found with the creative energies outside of right or wrong doing.

Being surrendered, time ceases to exist, otherworldly realms become explored outside the boundaries of day to day dalliances, decisions and mediocrity.

Life takes on new meaning and magic, synchronous happenings occur, sensitivities to undercurrents, sensations and energies are heightened.

The otherworldly becomes the 'norm' and we develop trust that all is well right here and now, no more guessing, pressures to perform or pushing relentlessly onward, we can relax, let go and BE.

Dancing the ever-magical mystery of life to its fullest most surrendered expression.

Here's to living your flow and mine,

Charlotte xx

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