A Letter to my Relational Self

Dear distance part of myself, the part that creates and maintains distance between myself and others in relationship, the part of me that reacts in anger, abandonment, resentfulness and by blocking when I feel overloaded, un-boundaried, put upon and upset, the parts of me that feel wounded, depleted and energetically spent and emotionally raw and hurt.

I forgive you for your unthinking, unkind ways and how you create separation as a means of self-preservation. The part of me that feels and desires and needs closeness, the close part of myself needs you to take stock, step back, peel off, reveal and reset your ways so that closeness can be restored with integrity, authenticity and love, so that kindness and acceptance of self and others prevails, so that loving boundaries are established, that there is a distinct you and me in relationship and that both my needs for space and distance and loving connection and closeness are met organically with loving agreement from my deepest self.

I respect that when I find balance within myself and my own needs to be close and clear with others about my needs for space, then I will attract to me a perfect partner to enhance and meet my deepest needs and desires, this will come from creating that same level of loving self-respect and self-love with myself. Any neediness to be needed will be dropped so that I can meet others needs from a clear, loving balanced equilibrium without being overly responsible for them or overly involved in their own ‘stuff’ whilst fully respecting and meeting my deepest, personal needs too.

As I forgive my own failings and dualistic tendencies, I can reveal my heart more graciously, whilst integrating those shadow aspects of separateness I have locked away in shame.

The rich dance of dark and light shows us the way to a fully more integrated expression of our deepest nature, and the accepting of our perfect imperfections open both internal and external doors of humility, joy and reverence for self and others.

Forgiveness is the path forward, the journey to awakening to the Truth of life, love and surrender.

With my love for you, wherever you may be upon the path to wholeness.

Charlotte xx

Becoming the flow I seek

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