Embodiment practice

I find it so important to take a little time each day to tune in and listen to my body’s signals, responses and reactions. Here's a very simple practice you can do anywhere any time, whether at home, or at work, or at play!

Body bathing Practice For just a few minutes bring yourself to either a sitting or standing position;

Briskly rubbing your hands together, generating warmth and energy. Let the breath drop deep inside your body.

Relax your face, your forehead your jaw.

Put your hands on the top of your head. Slowly begin to stroke down your head, face, neck, and down along your body; as if you are massaging in a sacred ointment.

Gently stroke your body, all the way to the feet. Hang down, bent over from the waist, for a few full deep breaths. Allow your upper body and head to be loose and heavy, your neck relaxed and free. Gently moving back up the body; including the lower back, kidneys, your arms and face.

Come into a relaxed state now, eyes softly closed with the palms of your hands resting over your eyes.

Breathing fully and deeply, feel all of the sensations in your body.

By practicing daily you give your self the gift of nourishing self care and time out from all that calls you.



Charlotte xx

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