Feminine Inquiries

All that you desire resides within the wellspring of peace that lies beneath all external distraction, below the self-recriminations, the identifying with all that has been experienced through and of you… It is time to come home to yourself…to ignite the pilot light of your heart…to radiate your inner beauty…to shine the light of your essence…to accept your greatness.

In the Zen Buddhist tradition inquiries are often used to lead us into a direct experience of and seeing into one’s true nature, Satori. Satori is often translated as enlightenment.

We can use inquiries to take us deeper into a living, breathing experience of the or our feminine essence.

As women, we can ask questions that guide us into our feminine nature and expand the practice by involving our body, emotions, movement expressions, we can tune into the energetic experience of exactly that which we are inquiring into, therefore we can see and feel our truth more clearly.


Find a willing partner so that you may work together, someone you trust - a close female friend or relative for example.

Face each other, one woman is the questioning/listening partner and one woman is the inquiring partner.

Set an alarm for 5 minutes of inquiry.

Choose a question, either a “Tell me” or “I am” statement and begin.

The woman holding space, asking and listening, listens only from the heart, neither commenting or replying in any way.

Only if her partner falls silent for a long time should she ask the question again.

The inquiring woman holds the question in her heart, feels into it and waits for an impulse from within.

There is NO such thing as a perfect or right answer; the object rather is to use the question to directly experience your deepest self and the quality you are inquiring into.

Step 1 in feminine inquiry is to only speak of what you discover as you hold the inquiry in your heart. This is the traditional way of doing inquiry.

Step 2 is to add body expression to what you are speaking about. Allow your body to show and express what you are talking about. Become the energy, become one with the direct experience and share the energy with your partner.

Step 3 is to only share through the body and using your voice only to make sounds that express your inner discoveries.

Suggested Inquiries:

* What is your deepest longing?

* What is a woman/sister/mother/daughter/grandmother?

* What is your deepest gift as a woman?

* What is love/compassion/feminine knowing/devotion/surrender/feminine rage/feminine truth/pleasure/a fully empowered woman?

* What is the feminine?

Tell me:

* what it is like to be one with all women.

* what it is like to love your body fully.

* what it is like to rest in the feminine ocean of Beingness.

* what it is like to embody the divine feminine essence.

* what it is like to know your deeper truth in every moment.

* what it is like to live your full potential.

* what it is like to know you are absolute beauty.

* what it is like to be infinite flow.

Speaking as something, for example compassion, using the same set-up: one woman listening, the other expressing who she is.

I am:


May all of your inquiries serve you well as you listen to the whisper of your still and infinitely full heart.