Your Erotic Nature

Within every woman there lies a hidden erotic creature, a sexual powerful expression fully awake with intuitive knowing. Believe me... It's time to embrace her... the wild, untamed part of you is dying to be released...dying to live. Let her out... Feel the untamed parts of her come alive; alight with secret long-held desires... Pulsatingly ready to surge, quake, pulse in radiant intoxicated heat fueled erotic expression... Mind blowing release is a breath you relax into surrendered bliss... Alight with the fires of heaven and earth... Breathed unto life; softening, ripe and wanton... Heart, pelvis in deep union with the primordial essence of woman... Free HER...Freeing you from her old patterns of closure. Becomingly awakened, arisen from the body temple of the divine... Unleash this creature of divinity. Set her free Be Free, whole earth shatteringly open to the pleasure of every waking moment Believe me it's time ... the world needs your erotic heart centred presence, expression and love Believe me ... it is time for you to shine.

With Infinite Love,

Charlotte xx


Create a private space whereby you can’t be disturbed, close/lock doors, switch of all devices, light candles and wear something soft and feminine, spritz yourself with your most favourite perfume or scatter droplets of your favourite oils.

Put on the most sensual arousing music you can find, anything that opens the heart and quickens your womb.

Bring a hand to your heart centre and a hand to your lower belly, breathe in and out here, fully and deeply, noticing how you feel, any emotions you can tune into, as you breathe become aware of any tension or holding on in your beautiful body. As you exhale sound it out, in any way that seems appropriate and natural.

Feel the music as it flows through you allowing yourself to be open and receptive to the rhythms as it expands and moves and changes…your body, as you relax more and more, will respond and surge in open responsiveness…

Repeat to yourself “I am safe” “I am Love” “I am Beautiful” “I am an erotic creature” “I feel my sensuality expressing herself through my movements and breath”

Lose yourself to the divine presence of your deeply erotic nature, feel your passions, your closures, your breath and heart flowing as one, responsively expressive within the moment the music and your radiant heart open body. Dancing, shaking, twirling, quivering, slow or exaggerated; in whichever way naturally expresses itself. There is no right or wrong, this is your time to be held within the presence of your truest nature.

I find it most powerful to stay with the practice for as long as it takes to feel a shift, a change within, either mentally or emotionally. You’ll notice that your body expressed movements may change along with your breath, there may be tears, or joy or sounds that are surfacing and releasing. This is such a beautiful powerful process to allow space and time for what needs to be expressed and experienced.

Enjoy dancing and moving for as long as you have, then become still and relax.

Lying down with your hand on your heart and a hand on your lower belly, become deeply relaxed in this space as you breathe deeply.

Aim to practise a few times this week, noticing at the end of each session how you feel.

Love Charlotte xx