A little something about Charlotte

I would dearly love to get to know more about each of you that spends time here among these pages...so of course you may need to know something more about me!

About Charlotte:


  • Shares with an open heart

  • Believes in the power of divine Love, and the beauty it reveals to us

  • Feels that Love expressed and experienced in all its glory through a brave open heart IS the answer

  • Is a resourceful, kinaesthetic feeler, emphatic to others' journeys

  • Is a courageous adapter to all of life's ups and downs

  • Is a passionate explorer of the light and shadows

  • Gives hugs with a heartfelt embrace

  • Connects to Mother Nature with wonder - among the trees, dipping her toes in the ocean and dancing naked under the radiant full moon

  • Knows that life is an adventure, therefore is willing to change directions, learn new things, drop old beliefs, experience new horizons, try, try and try again... and will continue to do so!

  • Practices yoga mostly off of her mat

  • Believes in freedom of choice and that one size does not suit all

  • Loves to discover, learn and share new knowledge and understandings

  • Meditates mostly through movement, being right here right now

  • Understands that our breath is our clearest indicator of how we are moment by moment... it is our constant companion, a point of connection in the moment... by making friends with our breath we can step into the flow of Beingness

  • Enjoys recognising the divine in all beings

  • Believes that cooking and eating are a joy indicating a passionate love affair with all of life

  • Knows that by choosing our thoughts we change everything

  • Lives open heartedly and inspires others to do the same

  • Has a great faith in divine right timing.

May the moon guide your inner tides.


Charlotte xx

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