Welcome to my first blog post and many thanks for navigating your way through every moment and detail of your life which led you here…to this time, space and post; the first of many!

It’s a wonderful thing having your dream blossom into life from those first tiny seeds of an idea to the fruitful opening unfolding of a new adventure; the journey between is full of a ripe richness so vast in its many varied possibilities, choices, learnings, explorations, inspirations and endless hope that we know that it is just the beginning and that all that ensues is the realisation of past thoughts and beliefs; the manifestations of our deepest desires and many musings.

I urge you that if you can dream it then you too can achieve it – no matter how big or small, with a little clarity, faith and openness to the unfolding adventure of life, the actualisation of those wondrously inspired desires can be yours too.

I truly wish that you may find pleasure here among my pages, designs and offerings and feel the uprising wish to bring some of your own creative thoughts into life, either through participating on one of our workshops or courses, following our daily meditations, wearing our stunning jewellery or by becoming more fully Awake to the flavours and signatures of your own life; by moving forward step by step into creating your most splendidly conceived life of your dreams.

Yoga assists us to find a balanced harmonious integration in body, life, breath and nature. Maintaining a sense of balance, mindfulness and fluid movement is essential to living our yoga. This becomes a way of being…a life style choice.

Cultivating stillness of mind with our deeply appreciative awareness cultivates in turn our equanimity and the ability to perform to our greatest potential in that moment whether on the mat or facing life’s challenges with respectful reverence and a meditative flow.

When we deeply connect to life and ourselves in this way we develop a deeper centred awareness of our essential self.

By truly connecting to and understanding ourselves we can apply this knowledge to the greater arena of our life and how we relate to others, thus developing a symbiotic tool of self empowerment.

Esmé means Beloved, and as my middle name it has become increasingly, throughout my life, a guiding light in dark times, a mantra to live by, an inspiration to feel, see and live the Beloved in all experiences, meetings and decisions…

May you see and feel and experience the Beloved in all…

Love, Charlotte xx

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