Meditations for Well-being

These Meditations for Well-being are for your personal daily practice and enjoyment.

Please make yourself comfortable, switch off any phones or other external distractions. Practice either laying down or sitting, please make sure you are completely comfortable, and long in the spine, practice with long deep steady breaths.

Grounding Meditation.mp3Charlotte Esmé
00:00 / 08:00
Yoga Nidra Divine AwarenessCharlotte Esmé
00:00 / 50:38
Circle Of Light MeditationCharlotte Esmé
00:00 / 21:46
Counting The Breath Meditation.mp3Charlotte Esmé
00:00 / 21:20
Red Man Yellow Man Green Man Meditat.mp3Charlotte Esmé
00:00 / 25:40

More meditations will be added from time to time.

Please do not listen to or practice these meditations whilst driving!

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Meditation Scripts

for Well-being

Spiritual Mind Treatments are powerful affirmative scripts which we read (I like to write them out too) to bring into being concepts of perfection; theses are specific, conscious treatments to align us with our greater good through Infinite Mind.

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