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Bespoke Highland Retreat Curated Specifically for You

We know that you are a highly successful person who has created a life you love on many levels, however, we also know that you are craving more depth and meaning in your life.

Perhaps you are going through a change of circumstances - like divorce, the kids leaving home, or a significant change in your status. You may be recovering from a life-changing event, or needing to retreat within to consider your next steps.

We know that you are craving to be supported as you come back home to yourself.

Luxury Bespoke Retreat

Bespoke Highland Retreat

We are currently offering personalised luxurious retreats amongst the beauty, splendour and magic of the Highlands of Scotland.


Each private retreat is lovingly curated to support you as you rejuvenate on all levels.

As each element of our unique retreat experience is selected specifically for your needs, we will explore exactly what you are looking for and create the perfect package to complement your desires.



  • Transformational Coaching

  • Adventure Activities

  • Holistic Pampering Packages

  • Personal Chef

  • Collection from Inverness Airport