Getting to Know Charlotte Better!

I would dearly love to get to know more about each of you, so of course you may wish to know something more about me!

Some of the things I have grown from are:

  • Negotiating a conscious and amicable Divorce - which served us all well

  • Home schooling my three children as a single, self-employed mother

  • Being faced with and overcoming Bankruptcy - long story

  • Being one week away from Homelessness - but manifesting our dream home at the eleventh hour!

  • Various brushes with ill health and absolute exhaustion - before learning to honor my own rhythms

  • I have re-invented myself over and over subsequently my career has changed and flowed with my inner tides

  • Experiencing and recovering from a traumatic miscarriage

And some of my quirks and beliefs:

  • I share with an open heart

  • I believe in the power of divine Love, and the beauty it reveals to us

  • I feel that Love expressed and experienced in all its glory through a brave open heart IS the answer

  • I am a resourceful, kinaesthetic feeler, empathic to others' journeys

  • I am a courageous adapter to all of life's ups and downs

  • I am a passionate explorer of the light and shadows

  • I give hugs with a heartfelt embrace

  • I am writing a book - with plans for more

  • I connect to Mother Nature with wonder - among the trees, dipping my toes in the ocean and dancing naked under the radiant full moon

  • I know that life is an adventure, therefore am willing to change directions, learn new things, drop old beliefs, experience new horizons, try, try and try again... and shall continue to do so!

  • I practise yoga mostly off the mat

  • I love midnight walks

  • I live open heartedly and inspire others to do the same

  • I believe in freedom of choice and that one size does not suit all

  • I love to discover, learn and share new knowledge and understandings

  • I meditate mostly through movement, being right here right now

  • I understand that our breath is our clearest indicator of how we are moment by moment... it is our constant companion, a point of connection in the moment... by making friends with our breath we can step into the flow of Beingness

  • I take pleasure in recognising the divine in all beings

  • I believe that cooking and eating are a joy indicating a passionate love affair with all of life

  • I am secretly a pyromaniac at heart as I never miss an opportunity to build, light and tend a fire

  • I know that by choosing our thoughts we change everything

  • I have a great faith in divine right timing.



May the moon guide your inner tides.



Charlotte xx