Some of My Favourite Well-being Tools

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Copper Tongue Scraper
We love this incredible tool to assist in oral hygiene
Dry Body Brush
Your skin will glow and your body will thank you for the daily use of this wonderful lymph stimulating body brush 
Salt Lamp
To cleanse and purify the air
Perfect for restorative yoga and as a support for meditation
Bamboo Sanitary Pads
Comfortable, eco-friendly, washable sanitary wear
Moon Cup
Convenient, washable and discreet - I love using my moon cup it makes my moon cycle more natural and cheaper than tampons!
Shakti Mat
This wonderful mat assists in releasing tension to stimulate the release of endorphins and other calming hormones
Essential Oils and Diffuser
Diffusing essential oils is a wonderful way to harness the power and health benefits of these botanical beauties
Jade Gua Sha
Regular use of a Gua Sha benefits us in alleviating tension in the face, boosts blood circulation and encourages lymphatic drainage
Bamboo Toothbrush
Great for the environment using a bamboo toothbrush helps us use less plastic and man-made materials
Meditation Cushion
Wonderful for supporting you physically with your daily meditation practice
Cotton Mandala Throw
Use this pretty mandala throw anywhere any time!