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Personalised Nurturing 1/2-Day Retreat


Do you ever feel like you could really do with some time, just for you, where you get nurtured and looked after?


 Where you don't need to worry about anyone else and your ever-growing to-do list?


I totally get it, and often feel like this too.

Perhaps you are a busy mum or rocking a corporate career - or maybe you're juggling both. 


Maybe you have just had a baby and need some extra love, support and healing?


Perhaps you are single and missing nurturing contact with another human with no hidden agendas?



Our nurturing 1/2 -Day Retreat has been lovingly created with you in mind, to deepen and enhance your connection to yourself, whilst healing and clearing what you no longer need in life; to ultimately support you in opening in the direction of your dreams.

What's included?

  • Gentle Flow Yoga

  • 2hr Lomi Lomi massage

  • Breathwork

  • Yoga Nidra - deep relaxation

  • Cacao ceremony

Price: £150

Date: to suit your schedule

Time: 9am - 1pm or 2pm - 6pm

Venue: Milton of Leys, Inverness

Personalised 1/2-Day Retreat


I look forward to welcoming you on YOUR 1/2-Day Retreat and giving you space and nurturing you need; so that you feel ready to embrace life feeling happy, nurtured and supported.


Charlotte xx


 © 2017 by Charlotte Esme Awakening Grace

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