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Welcome to our retreats Page, we are delighted to be offering retreats in India and Majorca in 2019.
I have loved creating these beautiful, magical, relaxing and transformative retreats with you in mind.
To book your place on the retreat that most inspires you, simply follow the link and the rest will be easily taken care of.


1/2-Day Nurturing Retreat



Do you ever feel like you could really do with some time, just for you, where you get nurtured and looked after?


 Where you don't need to worry about anyone else and your ever-growing to-do list?

Perhaps you are a busy mum or rocking a corporate career - or juggling both career and parenting.


Maybe you have just had a baby and need some extra love, support and healing?


Perhaps you are single and missing nurturing contact with another human withy no hidden agendas?



Our nurturing 1/2 -Day Retreat has been lovingly created with you in mind, to deepen and enhance your connection to yourself, whilst healing and clearing what you no longer need in life; to ultimately support you in opening in the direction of your dreams.

Feminine Essence and


The Chakras Retreat



Coming Summer 2020

Welcome to this beautiful journey of Feminine Awakening as we explore practices inspired by the Chakras and how we enliven, enrich and deepen our connection to our true selves; to our Feminine Essence in all her forms.


During our time together on retreat, you will be held gently but powerfully by Charlotte and Pauline as we practice, rest, play and connect.


Our focus will be on creating the time and space for you to receive a direct experience of the main energy centres within and through that embodied awareness connect to the Divine in all areas of life.

We'll be exploring movement, deep rest, meditation, breathwork, journaling, essential oils and other self-care rituals. We will be using essential oils which will be available to purchase.


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