As a soulful and passionate facilitator, I draw on many years of study in the yogic arts, embodiment practices, breathwork, meditation and the study of metaphysics.

I am inspired to encourage women to reconnect to the Omnipresent beauty within and without, so that they may achieve a life of radiance and an enhanced connection to themselves and others; to Awaken Grace in every moment.

I believe that through embodied practice we open ourselves to harmonise the flow of energy in our body, which minimises the effects of stress and cultivates a more awakened presence, and a stronger vital energy and a greater passion for life.

Alongside meditation, yoga, breathwork, the use of Spiritual Mind Treatments, Metaphysical practices, the use of EFT and Psych-K and other tools such as gratitude practices and journaling, I believe that I have the practices and tools to support women in achieving the meaningful lives they desire.

These are the tools I have personally used to overcome and transform many difficulties in life, for example, divorce, being a single parent, ill-health, a debilitating back problem and other personal challenges! Through each of the trials, I have faced in life I have intended to remain open, to learn the lessons presented, to cast off what no longer serves me and keep transforming; to become whom I am meant to be in truth.

I particularly enjoy facilitating our Awakening Grace 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training and Online Courses and sessions. I am the co-creatrix of ‘Feminine Essence and The Chakras’ online courses and training.

Inspired by the natural world and as a practising artist, I love to support others to access their wilder natures with an open heart, at peace with the natural flows and rhythms of life’s cyclical changes.

I am the mother of three beautiful young adults, whom I have had the privilege and joy of Home Educating, I love travelling and am passionate about oil painting, the opera and creative writing.

I have a few books in the pipeline, which is extremely exciting - so watch this space!

You are most likely to find me either ‘rewilding’ myself immersed in nature, swimming in the sea, hanging out with my children or enjoying strong black coffee in a favourite cafe, or in the wilds!

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With Grace and Gratitude,

Charlotte xx


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