Hello, beauty,
I am so grateful you are here!
My name is Charlotte, I am a women's mentor and guide. I help women reclaim their feminine essence, their innate power and move through fear to live their full potential.
I am lit up by supporting women in becoming more radiant, whole and wilder in nature.
I am so pleased that you have navigated yourself here as you have journeyed through, I am certain, many of life's trials and tribulations, it's joys, loves, heartaches, passions, and beauty.
I hope that here amongst my offerings we may get to know one another and that you may find inspiration, practices, and connection, so that you may keep forging onward, to create the life you desire.
I am inspired to serve you on your journey to feminine wholeness and discover your greatest, most natural self, by sharing with you the specific practices, tools, and skills that I have developed, studied and integrated over many years; so that we may open wide together, to clear what no longer serves us and create the lives we truly desire.
If you are Inspired to feel Confident, full of Vitality and Radiance,
Self-Aware, Empowered and Connected
then you are in the right place!
I am certain that I have the tools and practices to support you in uncovering the truth of who you are. 
So that you may live a life of happiness, ease, and joy. As we Awaken Grace in every moment and unearth the full potential of our Body, Mind, Hearts, and Spirit.
You may find inspiration through my personalised mentoring program, online courses, workshops, 200hr Yoga Teacher Training's, in the Highlands of Scotland and online.

With My Love,

Charlotte xx



 © 2017 by Charlotte Esme Awakening Grace

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