Spiritual Seduction
Let yourself be spiritually seduced, create YOUR own version of Heaven on Earth


Be YOUR Own Muse
Bespoke Transformational Coaching 

High Achieving Women
It's time to embrace living in the flow of Ease and Grace as you create YOUR dream life

Charlotte's High Purpose Soul work as a Feminine Mystic, Energy Alchemist and Celebrant, is to guide and support you in powerfully embracing your feminine magnetism and deep Magic, so that you may soulfully create your dream life.


Charlotte's, intuition, presence and ability to see you as your fullest potential, lovingly weave together as she holds your hand in the process of your becoming.


By integrating the light and shadows you go beyond what you thought was possible and enter dark grace, unapologetically becoming your own muse.

Charlotte's vision is that we individually and collectively realise Heaven on Earth.


You will most likely find Charlotte exploring wildscapes, in the forest, or walking barefoot on the sand of a beautiful beach, dancing in the moonlight, hanging out with her three children, oil painting, writing poetry, enjoying the opera or eating cake and sipping strong black coffee in a local café.

Charlotte believes that your soul yearns to live freely, to reveal your innate power and live life fully as a true and genuine expression of YOU.


What People Are Saying 

I requested a breakthrough session on relationships and exploring my block on finding a life mate (hubby)

Charlotte Esmé absolutely knocked it out the park! I wish I had a picture of my face when the penny finally dropped.

Charlotte has a true authentic and ethereal aura about her and whilst delivered with love and care, her confidence and directness was something that truly worked for someone like me who has had years of mastering just saying, or doing the right things to get folk off my back!

I could not hide my emotions coming up nor did I want to...

In 45 mins I shifted from a place of scarcity, suppression and neediness to realising I already had inside me known what I was looking for in love and so can now proceed from a place of abundance, gratitude and empowerment!

Thank you, Charlotte. What a coach you are...

I appreciate you so much 💜 

- Marilyn Okoro


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Awakening Grace in every day moment through exploring poetry, movement, metaphysics, yoga and self-development practices.